Rome is the capital of the world! In this place, all of history is tied up and I realize I was born a
second time, raised again, the day I set foot in Rome. 
Her beauties have lifted me up to her heights. In Rome there are vestiges of such a magnificence and decay, which surpass one and the other and our imagination”.


Under the aegis of
Società Dante Alighieri

Who we are

The ROMALITY project aims to address aspects of city life and history which are useful to Italian and foreign citizens in order to understand their originality and uniqueness.

It is an international bilingual guide with pieces proposed and undertaken by the students of the two schools.

Romality is an educational project with a strong communicative value that finalizes the knowledge acquired during school activities towards the production of a hypertext. It is an online guide on an international multimedia platform with contributions from all school disciplines of Iunior and Petranova, two internationals institutes of Scuole CEFA.



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